How To Cause A Natural Miscarriage Today

Most people have already been here, you have just found out that you are pregnant and you do not know what to do. You will probably end up keeping the baby because that is what most people want to do. Some people however might think a little bit differently about this. They have to make a decision whether or not if they want to keep the baby or have an abortion. And then here are people who can not afford an abortion so they have to decide if they want to learn how to cause a natural miscarriage or not. Most people are not even aware that you can even do this. A natural miscarriage seems a little bit weird and you might think that there is no way to do this. Turns out your could not be more wrong, in fact causing a miscarriage to happen naturally is maybe a little bit easier that you might have thought. My wife did it and did it very successfully and It was all because of my amazing help. I studied and researched until I found out exactly what was going to work for her. I figured why not help a few others along the way since I have this amazing information already. I do not want anything in return from you just a smile and a thank you. So here you go! 

1. The Amazing Vitamin C Method 

There is one method that is growing much more popular recently because of how effective it is. This method is called the vitamin c method and its actually quite easy to do. The reason why so many people love this is because it is not only easy to do but it is fairly cheap. Especially compared to an abortion. Taking high doses of vitamin c increase your chances of having a natural miscarriage at any time. This one worked for my wife and it might work for you as well, you will just have to give it a try. 

2.Blue and Black Cohesh 

The cohesh plant is a plant that many people are not aware of. You might never have even heard of this plant but it does wonders for the human body. The benefits that this stuff has is insane, and it can be used for multiple problems. When it comes to learning how to cause a natural miscarriage this one is awesome. I got my wife some at this local store next to my house. I believe it is called a vitamin shoppe or something close to that. it was only eight bucks and she used it instantly and had a miscarriage within a week! 


Do you keep parsley in your house, because I know that I do. I had no idea it could even be used for this but when I read it on the internet I had to have my wife give it a try. At that point we were willing to try anything as long as it was not harmful. Parsley is not harmful as long as you do not take it in very very large doses. Make sure to consult with your doctor to make sure you are not allergic to any of these remedies especially parsley because an allergic reaction can be bad. 

I would like to go ahead and wish you a good luck on your miscarriage. I hope that you have a healthy happy and successful one. Do not let others bring you down with their negativity and most of all be yourself at all times!